Blue Swallow Expedition

Exploratory Mission in Ruma National Park to find out the status of the intra-African migrants and grassland specialists.

Identify Blue Swallow Signs and Habitats.

Determine the Distribution of the Blue Swallow in RNP.

Develop photos and photo stories of the Blue Swallow.

April 4-7 2019 Ruma National Park, Kenya

Day One: Introduction to the Blue Swallow World

  1. Learn about Blue Swallow Habitat and Behaviour
  2. Set up camp for Night-Stay
  3. Camp fire games! (weather dependent)

Day Two: Blue Swallow Survey Techniques, Community Ecology and Photography

  1. Session on Conservation Technique of determining the distribution of the Blue Swallow
  2. Actual Blue Swallow survey along the three transects on Ruma National Park
  3. Session on Blue Swallow Photography , (documenting the habitat, ecology and threats)
  4. Identify other animals in the ecosystem and learn how they play a part.

Day Three: Documentation and Community Awareness.

  1. Documentation of Data, key learning’s and reflection of the conservation efforts of the Blue Swallow.
  2. Through the visual ecological literacy program, we will use the photos obtained to raise awareness of the bird to the nearby school.




KSH, 30,000 (Includes accommodation, food, field charges and transport)

Note: The programme is open to students as well as professionals.

Accommodation will be at Oribi Guest House.

Pickup and drop from Nairobi is included in the cost. Very limited slots are available.

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