About Tony Wild

Imagine a world where every individual makes decisions based on conservation, environment and sustainable development principles.

We will be able to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals within a very short time and have a healthy environment. We believe that sharing powerful images will enable the world to understand why and how they need to conserve the environment and make sustainable decisions while going about their daily lives.

TonyWild is a photo-led platform for sharing stories that enables relevant knowledge sharing of everything nature and wildlife. We envision a generation that will influence sustainable natural resource management through photography, film and science. Our mission is to promote conservation action by creating awareness on wildlife conservation through photography,film and science. All we do at TonyWild is educate, explore and travel with everyone to showcase the beauty and importance of nature and wildlife.

About the Founder

Anthony is a Wildlife Ecologist, Educator Conservation Photographer and Filmmaker based in Nairobi, Kenya. He’s an International League of Conservation Photographer- Emerging League. His work is focused on creating conservation content that will inspire conservation action across all ages and races. He had a unique interest in nature as a teenager, realizing the unique bond between himself and relationships with others. This informed his way of life, from being a Conservation Leader in school to date, pursuing a Wildlife Management degree and working for conservation organization such as Giraffe Center (African Fund for Endangered Wildlife A.F.E.W.) Laikipia Wildlife Forum and Birdlife International-Africa Secretariat. He currently runs TonyWild. A platform for promoting conservation action by creating awareness on wildlife conservation through photography, film and science.

He collaborates with organization such as Chimpanzee Trust, Just Digit, Earth Optimism Nairobi-Tropical Biology Association of Africa, Action for Cheetahs Kenya, Grevy Zebra Trust, The Pangolin Project, Adventure for Rhinos, Last Male Standing Rhino Cup-Olpejeta Conservancy and Game Rangers Association of Africa (GRAA).

He is a InfoNile- EverydayNile Photojournalism Fellow 2021, Jackson Wild Media Lab Fellow 2020, Nature Environment Wildlife Filmmakers (N.E.W.F) Pitch Winner 2020, Jackson Wild Emerging Filmmaker Scholar 2019, WWF Education for Nature Grantee, WWF Africa Youth Award Nominee 2018, Top 100 Youth in Conservation 2021, Top 35 Under 35 Awardee 2020 and 2020 EE 30 under 30 –NAAEE (North America Association of Environmental Educators)

His images have been featured in National Geographic Espana and Africa, Climate Tracker, Climate Visuals Org, Sustainable Travel International and Global landscape Forum. He is a bronze winner of the Safal Eye in the Wild Photography Competition 2019 and Finalist for Earth Photo 2021, British High Commission Nairobi Climate Changemakers photography competition.  Global Landscape Forum –Kyoto and Accra, Heart of Kenya, a Nikon Kenya Competition, and Picfair Celebrating Africa: City life category. His images have been exhibited at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), London, Dalby Forest, North Yorkshire, Moors Valley Country Park and Forest, Dorset and Grizedale, Cumbria.


Elsie Muliebi Ashiono,
Impact Environmental Educator.

Elsie Ashiono is an environmental scientist and conservation educator on a mission to inspire the next generation to protect our planet's precious natural environment and wildlife habitats.

She has devoted her career to teaching young people about the importance of environmental preservation and the impacts of climate change. Her work centers around mentoring young stewards of the environment, encouraging them to pursue education and careers that contribute to conservation efforts.

Elsie's passion for the natural world shines through in every aspect of her life. Join her on an unforgettable journey of discovery and exploration, and learn how you too can make a difference in the fight to protect our planet's most vulnerable creatures.

Anniey Mwangi.
Administration Assistant

Anniey Mwangi. Holds a Tourism Management degree from Moi University.  She has 7 years’ experience in running tourism programs with the private sector. She has previously worked at Kenya Tourism Federation, East Africa Tourism Platform in the capacity of admin assistant and program assistant. She has also worked at Ecotourism Kenya in the capacity of PR and communication.

She is a passionate virtual assistant and is currently working as a virtual assistant in the capacity of communication, admin, and operations at TonyWild Foundation and Patinaai Oism Community Care Organization.

She is also passionate about sustainable tourism and conservation and hopes to communicate solutions in sustainable tourism and conservation and environmental sustainability.


Edwin Machuka,

Edwin Machuka is a multifaceted  creative entrepreneur. For more than a decade he has worked in the Kenyan audiovisual media industry as a cinematographer. Among his biggest achievements is working for the political satire programme XYZ that has aired on all the three leading Kenyan TV stations. With this project he was keen to see how  cinema can be used as a tool to bring to the forefront uneasy conversations in a fun way.  Starting out as a sculptor and workshop supervisor on the show, he was able to transition to the role of cinematographer. XYZ is an award winning show with accolades from the KALASHA Film and TV awards in 2017, 2019 and 2021. 

As a cinematographer  he also worked with Puppet 254 as the director of photography and created lots of content and  won the 2020 Kalasha Award for Best TV Advertisement with Ask Dr. Pamoja! Other infomercials he has worked on include Geedka Mooska is a children’s educational program for Somali-speaking children that helps children to love and get ready for life-long learning. Episodes feature the superhero twins Hiddo and Hirsi.

Another highlight of his career was working as the cinematographer for the TV series  Monica where he filmed season one and two and it was shown on lead television and currently running on Show Max.

Beyond the small screen, Edwin also was part of the country wide project - Location Mapping that sought to map out Kenya as a film location. Through this engagement he has been able to build knowledge as a location scout having traversed the various locations that Kenya has to offer. The project was commissioned by the Kenya Film Commission between 2019 and 2020. His unique skills have enabled him to fit in every aspect of film production from documentary, TV series, Sports Coverage, Events and travel photography.

Currently, he is exploring the world of wildlife conservation filming and currently collaborating with other Wildlife ecologists, educators, Conservation Photographers and Filmmakers based in Nairobi, Kenya to create conservation content.  

With every project Edwin’s bigger vision is to amplify stories of voices that are less heard as well as create impact on the society he lives in. 

Brian Etole
Videographer and Editor

I have been a freelance Videographer, Photographer and Video Editor for the last six years. I started of as a camera person in the Kenyan film scene, I then ventured into event videography and photography. Early last year I joined the TonyWild team as a video editor.

My first project with TonyWild was The Shamba Jijini Initiative. I edited all the long videos and news bytes for their social media channels. I also did motion graphics for all the videos, i.e. Lower thirds, intro animations, outro animations, tittles and subtitles. At some occasions, I did some of the videography.

On December 4th, 2021, TonyWild was the media team that documented the International Cheetah day organized by Action for Cheetahs in Kenya (ACK) in Samburu County, Kenya. I was a videographer on set and at the end of the project, I was in charge of the post-production.

The Rusinga Festival held on 9th December 2021 marked its 10th edition. TonyWild was tasked with documenting the whole ceremony in both videos and photos. I was part of the production crew as a videographer and led the post production crew as an editor.

I have accompanied the TonyWild media team on one occasion as an assistant videographer and set runner for an assignment for The Just Dig It Foundation.

TonyWild got the chance to document The Land for Life project for WWF – Kenya in Narok and Kajiado counties in Kenya. The major sites to be documented were the River Ewaso Nyiro, The Loita Forest, The Lake Natron, The Landscapes of Loita and Shompole and the wildlife corridors and dispersal areas. I was the official videographer representing TonyWild and Editor.

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