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Conservation Photography

We believe that through Conservation Research Photography, we give the public a chance to connect with conservation science at a personal level by not only personifying the wildlife effected by the issue at hand, but also by capturing the passion of the people involved in the conservation efforts..

Visual Ecological Literacy Program

We offer reality based environmental education using photos and films as tools to create conservation awareness. During the school visits we provide eco-visual environmental literacy training and also provide students with superb resources for engagement with mostly photos  that are obtain around their school environment. Also know as "Meet Your Neighbors" Project

Mitigation Project

The project focuses on addressing how 'negative environmental impacts' may be avoided or reduced. We do this through holding landscape restoration cafe's, supporting restoration projects and supporting nature based enterprises.

Who We Are. What We Do

TonyWild is a photo-led platform for sharing stories that enables relevant knowledge sharing of everything nature and wildlife. We envision a generation that will influence sustainable natural resource management through photography, film and science. 

Our mission is to promote conservation action by creating awareness on wildlife conservation through photography,film and science.


Take a peek inside our Wonderworld

Saving Cranes – Cranes Conservation Volunteers

Crane Conservation Volunteers embarked on a journey to not only conserve the iconic species - The Grey Crowned Crane but to educate and sensitize the community on the importance of the birds and how they can coexist with these animals. This initiative demonstrates the impact community action can have. The site where they conduct their work holds the second largest population of cranes in Kenya. 

About the Founder

Anthony is a Wildlife Ecologist, Educator,  Conservation Photographer and Filmmaker based in Nairobi, Kenya. He’s an International League of Conservation Photographer- Emerging League.  2021 Jackson Wild Grand Prismatic Awardee. His work is focused on creating conservation content that will inspire conservation action across all ages and races. He had a unique interest in nature as a teenager, realizing the unique bond between himself and relationships with others. This informed his way of life, from being a Conservation Leader in school to date, pursuing a Wildlife Management degree and working for conservation organization such as Giraffe Center (African Fund for Endangered Wildlife A.F.E.W.) Laikipia Wildlife Forum and Birdlife International-Africa Secretariat. He currently runs TonyWild. A platform for promoting conservation action by creating awareness on wildlife conservation through photography, film and science.

He collaborates with organization such as Chimpanzee Trust, Just Digit, Earth Optimism Nairobi-Tropical Biology Association of Africa, Action for Cheetahs Kenya, Grevy Zebra Trust, The Pangolin Project, Adventure for Rhinos, Last Male Standing Rhino Cup-Olpejeta Conservancy and Game Rangers Association of Africa (GRAA).

He is a InfoNile- EverydayNile Photojournalism Fellow 2021, Jackson Wild Media Lab Fellow 2020, Nature Environment Wildlife Filmmakers (N.E.W.F) Pitch Winner 2020, Jackson Wild Emerging Filmmaker Scholar 2019, WWF Education for Nature Grantee, WWF Africa Youth Award Nominee 2018, Top 100 Youth in Conservation 2021, Top 35 Under 35 Awardee 2020 and 2020 EE 30 under 30 –NAAEE (North America Association of Environmental Educators)

His images have been featured in National Geographic Espana and Africa, Climate Tracker, Climate Visuals Org, Sustainable Travel International and Global landscape Forum. He is a bronze winner of the Safal Eye in the Wild Photography Competition 2019 and Finalist for Earth Photo 2021, British High Commission Nairobi Climate Changemakers photography competition.  Global Landscape Forum –Kyoto and Accra, Heart of Kenya, a Nikon Kenya Competition, and Picfair Celebrating Africa: City life category. His images have been exhibited at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), London, Dalby Forest, North Yorkshire, Moors Valley Country Park and Forest, Dorset and Grizedale, Cumbria.

We as conservationist understand the need of wildlife, but not everyone does. We need to carefully package this message and share it with every household in the world that wildlife conservation are principles that safeguards our way of life. Therefore, we need to respect and protect wildlife.


Anthony Ochieng,



We go beyond photos and films to educate as many people about wildlife conservation and promote a culture of conservation action in every space we find ourselves.


We offer reality based environmental education using photos and films as tools to create conservation awareness. During the school visits we provide eco-visual environmental literacy training and also provide students with superb resources for engagement with mostly photos  that are obtain around their school environment. Also know as "Meet Your Neighbors" Project


The MITIgation project was conceptualized in 2019 January and has been reviewed on how best we may focus on impact using minimal resources. We focus on nurturing and growing of trees and linking the same process with students who are in Form one and class five, with the hope that they will find a link to nature using the one tree that they are expected to nature for the next four years, In addition we guide them on developing vision dream boards, that have a legacy. so that they live a life towards achieving there legacy on earth rather than just working towards the Kenyan Dream.

Awards & Recognition

2020 Jackson Wild Media Lab Fellow The Jackson Wild Media Lab is an immersive, cross-disciplinary science film making workshop that brings scientists and media creators together to learn from leaders in the profession and work together to develop effective tools to communicate about science, nature and conservation with diverse audiences across the world’s evolving media platforms

N.E.W Pitch Winner:  An opportunity to create a short conservation documentary film of 8-10 minutes to share a story of hope that will inspire people to supporting conservation action. The film tittle  is FOREST GUARDIAN: A man who's heart, is the forest. 

Youth of the Year 2020 Awardee-Environment Conservation/Advocacy : Awarding Youth Excellence for their accomplishments in the different areas of youth engagement. 

2020 EE 30 Under 30 Winner class of 30 leaders under age 30 who are using Environmental Education to build sustainable and equitable communities around the world.

Jackson Wild Emerging Filmmaker 2019: Funding for the scholarship is made possible with generous support from Jeffrey and Darlene Anderson, Disneynature, PBS, Cornell Douglas Foundation, National Geographic Society, World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, Conservation International, Charles Engelhard Foundation, HHMI Tangled Bank Studios, Discovery and Vulcan Productions.

WWF EFN Grantee and Alumni Grantee: In 2015 with support from the WWF-EFN grant attended the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute’s Center for Conservation and Sustainability course entitled “Conservation for Development Professionals: Strategies for Implementing Biodiversity Action Plans for the Private Sector," In 2019, with support from WWF Alumni grant was supported to attend Jackson Wild Summit 2019. 

Bronze Winner 2019: ‘Safal Eye in the Wild’ photography competition that seeks to promote sustainable conservation actions in Africa.

1:1 Sessions Online 

Through the Summit Sessions we are providing 1-on-1 virtual, 60-minute classes on Conservation Photography. 

It is our hope that during these uncertain times, through the Summit Workshops we can continue to share with you the education and support you love and, more importantly, add positivity to your day by staying connected.

The Wild Shop

Visit our wild shop to join us empower young conservation leaders with visual communication tools. We train students in photography and filmmaking, to help them put their conservation passion to work. 


We aim at inspiring a community of  young professional  conservation community . Mainly by  building bridges between the actual working  environment to the academic platform, and how this translates to a society that has a positive behavior towards the environment

Nyika Silika is an environmental/nature blog that will hopefully, be able to; Reconcile the needs of people and nature using the best available methods ensuring economic development and conservation do not undermine each other.

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