Black-Lored Babblers

“Hey chums, wait a moment stop with the hilarious laughing and be more insane with the call, look at that guy looking at us.  He is a genius crawling on the grass to be able to get close to us. Dude we can see you, we might be busy feeding but, we are good at multitasking.” Kiki the naughty babbler with a running mouth told her friends who stood standstill; to confirm her allegations.


“Wait a minute! Is it that guy who does not own a Gillette?” asked Kiki the noisy one. “Yes he thinks we are barbers…we are BABBLERS to be specific those with BLACK-LORE BABBLERS.”, answered the three birds in unison.  

“We don’t offer barber services, so he needs to get help from somewhere else. He will be useful to the advertisement, Gillette, the best a man can have”….added Kiki as she sings with her melodious voice and joined by Kiko and Kadada

“Never mind him keep feeding”, Kiko the humble babbler said as she scratched the ground for more food.


“Remember our darker brown counterparts in Nanyuki, Kenya who always move in groups of 4-10 individuals and have a pure white throat (vepres)? They mentioned about a person with similar characters. But they have avoided him for a while now.” Commented Kadada. She was wise and talked less. “ Yes , and he always has a black big camera on his hands, let me pose, I hear he takes our photos”, Kadada said as she pulled a pose for the camera .


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