Wildlife conservation practice has over the years, been limited to the mega species or those that are under threat, vulnerable or endangered. This limits most people involvement in conserving wildlife, because they feel left out in the process of wildlife conservation. This campaign goes along with this year 2020 World Wildlife Day theme “Sustaining all life on Earth”

We hope to use this campaign to increase awareness of wildlife conservation. The campaign is focused on the following slogan,

#Wildifeislife #Wildlifeiscool #Wildlifeiseverywhere

Why are so many wildlife under threat? 

Habitat loss | Climate change 

Pollution | Invasive species

Over exploitation | Unsustainable development 

What can you do?

This negative actions towards wildlife (flora and fauna) thrives on ignorance, indifference and lack of awareness. But the more we know, the more we can see how our decisions have a major impact on wildlife, people and the planet. The good news is that we really can tackle threats that wildlife face by:

  • Being better informed about the status of wildlife around your neighborhood.
  • Supporting governments and local communities to tackling the threats that wildlife face.
  • Spreading the word and encouraging others to get better informed that wildlife is life and they need to conserve wildlife from home and work daily.
  • Working to reduce human-wildlife conflict for land and resources at community level
  • Making individual choices that don’t threaten species such as, stopping poor littering, using energy and water sparingly, practicing proper waste management and not buying products from wildlife protected by law and by supporting companies that demonstrate sustainable supply chains and environmentally responsible policies.

This campaign is part of an ambitious agenda of CITIES and specifically the World Wildlife Day whose theme is “sustaining all life on Earth”. It also underlines the importance of sustainable use of natural resources in support of the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including Goal 14 (Life Below Water), Goal 15 (Life on Land), Goal 1 (No Poverty) and Goal 12 (Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns).

Support the campaign in the following ways:

  1. Use the Hashtags #Wildifeislife #Wildlifeiscool #Wildlifeiseverywhere to share more about wildlife found in your area.
  2. Buy merchandized such as T-shirts, Hoodies, wrist bands, mugs etc. with campaign slogans, the support goes towards supporting the Visual Ecological Literacy Program.
  3. Support the campaign by donating monthly or today and attend the Wild events organized.

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