Environmental Education is more than just sharing information about the environment; it goes to the extent of elaborating how individuals may know how to weigh various sides of an issue through critical thinking and it enhances their own problem-solving and decision-making skill, and taking into consideration the environment, environment challenges and solutions, concern of the environment and take lead to the resolution of environmental challenges

We do this to enhance environmental literacy among young Kenyan's through photography, travel and art. 

We showcase the value of any wild animal, plant or parts thereof within its constituent habitat or ecosystem on land or in water, as well as species that have been introduced. 

We offer reality based environmental education using photos, as a tool to create conservation awareness. During the school visits we provide eco-visual environmental literacy training and also provide students with superb resources for engagement with mostly photos  that are obtain around their school environment. 

Help us inspire more young environmental leaders.

Young people are the custodians of natural resources in the world today and tomorrow. Your support today will go directly to supporting the conservation education through photography programs. Plus you will have the chance to own one of the amazing wildlife prints taken by TonyWild team leader.

Please get in touch with us to see how best you may support us.  Thank you for your generosity!