Environmental Education is more than just sharing information about the environment; it goes to the extent of elaborating how individuals may know how to weigh various sides of an issue through critical thinking and it enhances their own problem-solving and decision-making skill, and taking into consideration the environment, environment challenges and solutions, concern of the environment and take lead to the resolution of environmental challenges.

We showcase the value of any wild animal, plant or parts thereof within its constituent habitat or ecosystem on land or in water, as well as species that have been introduced.

We offer reality based environmental education using photos, as a tool to create conservation awareness. During the school visits we provide eco-visual environmental literacy training and also provide students with superb resources for engagement with mostly photos  that are obtain around their school environment.


Conservation Photography Capacity Building Program

Every year TonyWild will admit interns to help with the different programs for a duration of a given period. The interns will get exposure to conservation photography through the guidance of a professional conservation photographer. Through this program, the intern can also build up their photography portfolio and gain project management skills by participating in the different programs and travels.

To be eligible for the program you have to meet the following requirements:

  1. Must be of Kenyan nationality.
  2. Aged above 18 years.
  3. Basic level skills in photography, editing and videography.
  4. Proven interest in conservation.

VELP School Program

Young people in Kenya limit wildlife to the big five. This is limiting and has to change  in order to see more young people support wildlife conservation. Wildlife include both flora and fauna and each young person has the right to know. The power of creating images with the students is the most satisfactory and inspiring thing I have ever done.

While the conservation efforts we put in today matter, the preparations we make for the future matter as well. It would be counteractive to nurture the earth and then forget to teach our children how to do the same. Thus it is essential that we raise a generation of children who are not only interested but also actively engaging in conservation as well. This way the efforts and the impact can live on. The best way there is to teach children is to not only tell them but also show them and allow them to do it. These are the underlying factors that influence the activities we carry out through the school program. We expose children to nature and wildlife that is around their schools and teach them to appreciate them. The exposure can be developed through walks around the school or trips to the neighbouring parks or reserves.

Young Conservation Photography Workshop

Conservation photography is fairly new and unexplored by Kenyans, particularly the youth. At TonyWild, we recognize the dire need for more Kenyans to be involved in order to scale the impact. Thus the concept of the Young Conservation Photography Workshop (YCPW). The workshops are meant to expose young people between the ages of 18-26 to conservation photography through practical workshops and field work. The main aim being to equip the young adults with photography skills that they can put into use in their efforts to conserve nature and wildlife.

The workshops will take place in specially chosen locations that are predisposed to wildlife and nature to allow for the nature of the activities. 

Eligibility for the YCPW

  1. Must be a Kenyan National.
  2. Between the ages of 18- 26 Years.
  3. Proven interest in Photography.
  4. Proven interest in conservation of nature and wildlife.

2022 Young Conservation Photography Workshop

We are excited to bring you the prospects of our very first YCP workshop, scheduled to take place in early 2022. Like the rest to follow the main concept will be to bring together a group of 6 young adults with a shared interest in conservation and photography. The workshop will run for 10 days in a specified location, which will be communicated later.

We will be accepting applications to fill the six available slots as from early October- end of November 2021. Decisions will roll out a month after the deadline and will be communicated directly to the applicants.

Current Itinerary for the YCP Workshop

Main Activities planned out for the 2022 YCPW.

1. Workshops;

These sessions will make up for almost half the time at the program and will focus on areas related to both photography and conservation. They will be dedicated to ensuring that all the participants have a clear understanding of the subjects and their correlation. The workshops will be facilitated by a team from or associated with TonyWild

2. Photography within Nature Area (TBD)

This makes up one of the in-field activities and will be done so that the attendees can interact with wildlife and photography, firsthand. 

3. Nature Trail

This is the other phase of the in-field experience meant to expose the attendees further to nature and wildlife.

4. Projects.

For every learning experience, there is a need to have a subsequent opportunity to practice what is learnt or propose a way to improve on the skills acquired: The attendees will therefore be required to come up with a project and run it at the nature area during one of the days of the program. This way they can start to actively prepare and propose ways through which they can impact the general community.

Help us inspire more young environmental leaders

Young people are the custodians of natural resources in the world today and tomorrow. We need to reach as many as possible and teach them on the importance of wildlife and how they may support conservation efforts.

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