Little Bee Eater

When men see beautiful ladies they usually ogle, they marvel and at times they are left speechless. This does not mean that ladies do not admire each other or even appreciate handsome men. They drool too and they will be all over gossiping about it and wishing that they were dating that handsome dude.

 Anyway, this is about the beautiful and handsome birds, The Bee Eaters, they are not only beautiful birds but also have a very richly colored plumage, slender bodies in addition to a well elongated tail. This is a barbie look that every woman wants. I am sure most of them are hoping that their Nigerian lines somehow works so that the juju man can give them such a physique. They are the only creatures that can be compared to the rainbow, not because they are colored clashed, but because they are magnificent.

As the name suggest, the bee eaters predominately eats insects, especially bees and wasps, which are caught in the air by flight from an open perch. Yes bees and wasps, the ones famously known to have stings and venom, but these little guys would repeatedly hit and rub the insect on a hard surface to remove the sting and the venom it is also during this process, that the pressure applied extracts most of the venom and poison.

Another fascinating fact about bee eaters, is that, they are very social animals and move around in colonies and nest in burrows. They are the one of the most faithful bird groups they practice monogamy. At this point I think I will summon the bee eaters to give humans a talk about being faithful in relationships and ultimately marriage.

They also have perfect parenting skills. Both male and female bee eaters take care of the young ones, but what also interesting is that the aunties and uncles would also help in raising the young birds.

The little bee eaters are of least concern, ‘yani’ they are so many that we need not to worry about their conservation status, but who said they do not matter they do and what we humans are doing are really affecting them.

The human prosecution of the bee eaters will one day reduce their numbers and they will end up being categorized as threatened, vulnerable or endangered.  The nest holes are being blocked; unintended destruction of nest and most common is lost of habitat.


I hope today we have been challenged about fundamental issues in life which we seem to ignore by this beautiful birds , The Little Bee Eaters!

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