My Profession:  A career in the Wild

Published on Daily Nation: Junior Spot 08 June 2020

When I was in Class 4. I used to visit Nairobi National Park and after every trip, I could draw pictures of wildlife that I had seen.  I also remember with nostalgia how I used to admire wildlife magazines and tell myself one day I would like to take such pictures, little did I know that I was developing my love for photography and wildlife conservation!

Taking a picture of a pronghorn in USA during the Jackson Wild Summit 2019 . Photo credits: Jackson Wild 2019


Basically, Conservation Photography shares about the importance of protecting the environment using picture and film. On an average day, I do a lot of planning, go outdoors, stay in the wild, engage people who protect wildlife and take countless pictures, I also document the threats that wildlife face and how to secure them.  

My greatest joy is to create pictures that help create awareness about conservation. I am glad that my career involves a lot of traveling where I meet people from different cultural backgrounds. More importantly, I am overjoyed whenever I make them understand wildlife conservation.

I studied a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management at Moi University Chepkoilel campus (now University of Eldoret)  with an additional Certificate course in Wildlife Photography at Photo Kenya. I am currently studying Video production at the Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI). This will help me sharpen my skill as a conservation documentary filming

A webinar on conservation photography for Young Report of the Environment,(YRE) my talk begins at 22:47 minutes.

I would like to encourage pupils to start preparing for this career early enough. Although COVID-19 pandemic has largely limited people’s movement, you can still create new conservation stories at home. You can draw or take pictures of wildlife such as birds and insects using a smart phone. Joining the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya would help in order to get support in conservation activities.

You also need to have the passion to conserve nature and wildlife. Persistence. Consistency and self-discipline are key traits. Last but not least be patient in order to get fantastic results.

Upcoming webinars if interested in learning about conservation photography. 

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