The tales of Winyo.

Every morning, winyo would call out with songs and beautiful tunes.

All they will do is talk about a new day to feed and try not be fed.

Just when the sun rays hit the blue serenity, winyo will be flying around from one point to another getting food,

Some building or rebuilding their nest,

Some looking for their better half,

They are lucky they are not charged with looking,
Or matching to their ribs,
Some feeding the young ones

Some fighting with their fears -In most case its mirror reflections which are still a very mysterious aspect to winyo, they have to not figure out that it is their reflection in most cases.

In every location, each winyo has a work station where you will find them, a water pond, dumping site, a well-made garden or even on the tallest tree, perhaps playing the watchman, the unpaid one.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if one morning you wake up and you don’t hear the sound of winyo?
I will leave you to think about that.

We humans live as winyo, more reasons we need to conserve them by any means possible, reducing our negative and toxic impact on what we both share as home.

Being the year of birds, take time and know the birds that are always calling for you every day.
Have a happy winyowing year.

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