TonyWild is a photo-led platform for sharing stories that enables relevant knowledge sharing of everything nature and wildlife. We envision a generation that will influence sustainable natural resource management through photography. Our  mission is to promote conservation action by creating awareness on wildlife conservation through photography, travel and art. All we do at TonyWild is educate, explore and travel with everyone to showcase the beauty and importance of nature and wildlife.

Tony Wild Kenya

Our story

About the Founder

Anthony Ochieng’ is a Kenyan born,  Aspiring Wildlife Ecologist, Conservation Photographer, Traveler, Educator and Explorer. He holds a Bachelor of Science. in Wildlife Management from Moi University and currently pursuing Masters in Wildlife Management in Karatina University. As a teenager he had a unique interest in nature, realizing the unique bond between himself and his relationships with others. This informed his way of life, from being a leader in conservation clubs in school, pursuing a wildlife management degree and working for conservation organization and currently running a conservation photography platform called TonyWild.

He strongly believes that Wildlife conservation is the base of any economic, political and social issues of a country. We as conservationist understand this, but not everyone does. We need to carefully package this message and share it with every household in the world that wildlife conservation are principles that safeguards our way of life. Therefore, we need to respect and protect wildlife.

Imagine a world where every individual makes decisions based on conservation, environment and sustainable development principles. We will be able to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals within a very short time and have a healthy environment. His dream  in life to be able to make each and every individual around my circles and the world to understand why and how they need to conserve the environment and make sustainable decisions while going about their daily lives.

He decided to join other environmental educators across the country in 2017. He had no idea how, but his obsession for photography and creation of content came in handy to help him pass conservation knowledge to an online audience, knowing that 75 percent of Kenyans are able to access internet, and are on social media platforms. This was a great opportunity and has seen him reach to a number of Kenyans who are not in the conservation field.

Brenda Nyaguthi

Brendah Nyaguthii is a passionate wildlife warriorress and a real time birdwatcher passionate about environmental conservation for the future generation. She holds a degree in Wildlife Management and currently studying Masters in Wildlife Management.

She supports TonyWild as the Project Officer for the travelling for bird’s project that aims at creating awareness on bird conservation across the country using photography

Project Officer (Traveling for Birds Project)