Traveling for bird’s project is TonyWild flagship project that aims at promoting and creating awareness of bird conservation and bird citizen science in schools and the general public through photos and photo stories.

The project was inspired by a newly published book, Top 50 Birding Sites in Kenya by Catherine Ngarachu. The book gives a detailed description of the 50 bird sites around Kenya. The information in each site includes; the habitat, key species, birds and other wildlife, where the sites are located and how to get to the sites.

TonyWild intends to visit the 50 sites in the next 5 years, showcasing the beauty of birds and nature to schools and the general public using conservation photography. Highlighting whether the birds are threatened, what type of threats, why the birds are special, what role they play in nature and what relationship they have with humans. This will be done under the Visual Ecological Literacy Program, which aims at inspiring a generation of young conservation leaders through photography.

Help us inspire more young environmental leaders.

Young people are the custodians of natural resources in the world today and tomorrow. Your support today will go directly to supporting the conservation education through photography programs. Plus you will have the chance to own one of the amazing wildlife prints taken by TonyWild team leader.

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