We need a new name!!!

We Need a New Name

Thick Knee is not just enough to describe our beauty.

Husband: Hey love come over here, what are we called again?

Wife: Water Thick-Knee my love.

Husband: Really!,,,do I look like I have thick Knees. They did not have a better name for us?

Wife: Hehe, you have thick knees my dear.

Husband: No way, you are trying to get into my head

Wife: Imagine. they also call us Water Dikkop.

Husband: What? that is hilarious, anyway we cannot talk to them and tell them our real names so let them have fun.

Wife : Yes dear, but did you know today according to their calendar they celebrate the National Bird Day,

Husband: Wow, they do celebrate us, am humbled…have been on twitter, whole day have not seen that trending

Wife: Its a hidden jewel…few nature lovers know about it.

Husband: I think this is the best time we need to make more noise and tell them to be cautions with our habitats .

Wife: I agree, then we should slur together and get their attention,

Both: wi-wi-wi-wi-wi-wi-wi-wi-wi-……wii-wii-wii..need you to sustainable use the natural resources wisely.

Happy National Bird Day from us

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